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Frequently asked questions

Q How many fish per acre would you recommend I stock my new match lake with. F G (Banbury)

A Typical stock levels on many intensively stocked fisheries are around 800lb to 1000lb an acre. At this level of stocking density it is important to regularly check your fish for early signs of bacterial infections, particularly in the warmer months. The key factors in determining stock levels relate not only to weight but sizes and numbers of fish.


Q I hear many fishery owners state they have many thousands of pounds of fish per acre. H K (Grantham)

A They don’t. A body of water will only support a certain number of fish, and even with additional aireation the volumes can only be increased for short periods of time.            


Q We have tried heavily stocking our lakes with carp but have suffered losses due to de-oxygenation. If we  install an aerator will that help.
M B (Kent)

A Aerators are a short term life support addition to any lake, we prefer to have the fish stock at the correct level to prevent the need to install aerators.


Q Do fish from registered fish farms have regular checks for parasites and viruses such as KHV and SVC. C L (Norfolk)

A Yes. Six monthly checks for parasites and annual checks for viral infections.

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